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BTB Office Center

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AmerEstate – Postępu 17d

AmerEstate is a modern office building located in the Warsaw district of Mokotów.

Rol-Pol Ltd.

The Company manages agricultural production on 11 000 ha of high quality land in Ukraine of very high yield potential. Apart from cultivating it’s own 7000 ha. Rol-Pol manages production for local partners on 4000 ha of land based on long-term contracts.

Cube Investments

The owner of an entertainment website Kwejk.pl with tens of thousands of viewers per month - with Norblin holding 20% of their shares.
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Palisadowa 20/22,
01-940 Warsaw

phone.: (+48) 22 835-30-00
fax: (+48) 22 835-30-07

email: biuro@norblin.eu

Lease Department – NORBLIN GROUP 

Palisadowa 20/22,
01-940 Warsaw

phone.: (+48) 22 835-30-04
fax: (+48) 22 835-34-88

e-mail:  biuro@norblin.eu

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