NORBLIN CAPITAL GROUP  is a polish private investment fund. It is an active player in the commercial and residential real estate markets as well as an investor in diverse niche sectors such as amusement – entertainment and agricultural production both in Poland and abroad. The Norblin group specializes in hands on management of companies in its portfolio, adding value with specialized knowledge, financial engineering and capital market expertise.

The Norblin Capital Group consists of a number of special purpose companies and smaller holding companies embracing the investment portfolio, which is managed by AmerLease SA, the group’s asset management company. The Norblin brand name has been known in Poland for almost 200 years and is associated with trust, experience and proficiency. Norblin’s present managers draw their expertise from a wide range of sectors including leasing, banking and finance, IT, real estate and other industry segments such as the cable tv business and FMCG.

This site contains further information about the activity, investment portfolio and history of the Norblin Capital Group.

Our investments
Norblin Industrial Park
Norblin Industrial Park is an industrial complex consisting of production and warehouse space (three large halls) and offices (two buildings) located the Bielany district of Warsaw.
Norblin Industrial Park 2
Norblin Industrial Park is a property situated on more than 8.5 ha, composed of office buildings, production and warehouse halls connected with tarmac roads.
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