NORBLIN Plant was established in 1809 by bronze smith – Mr Wincenty Norblin – in Warsaw at the Old Town.

The company was specialized in producing bronze assortments such as: coach fittings, military armor, church and chamber decorations and ornaments: grandfather clocks, candlesticks, ink wells etc. When Wincent Norblin died in the middle of XIX century, the Company was taken over by his son, Ludwik who began cooperation with goldsmith Teodor Werner in 1865.

In 1893 Norblin & Partners bought Buch Brothers Factory and changed the address and name to Norblin, Buch Brothers & Werner located Zelazna street in Warsaw. The new company has extended the range of production to metallurgical products like: metal sheets, wires and pipes.

In 1914 when the I World War started, the factory was evacuated to Russia. The rest was looted by the Germans. In 1918 – after the war – the factory revived the production and soon recovered it’s good position on the market.

In 1921 Norblin bought 200 ha plots of Rolling Mill in Osiny near Głowno (near Łowicz).

In 1927 Norblin, Buch Brothers & T. Werner factory employed over 1 800 people and produced a variety of platter and metallurgical assortments. The company had been developing in a very dynamic way up to 1939 when the II World War started. During the war the company was liquidated by the Germans.

After the war in 1945, the rest of the factory was taken over by the government and the name was changed to Rolling Mill Warsaw. The factory operated at Żelazna street up to 1982 when it was moved to another localization – to the Bielany district in Warsaw at Palisadowa 20/22 street. In 1991 the government let the company return to the old, historical name – NORBLIN. The company acted as a metallurgical, engineering one up to 2001.Since 2004 NORBLIN Ltd. has changed its profile to the investment activity.

NORBLIN plant produced not only industrial assortments but also valuable works of art.
One of the most famous is the bronze monument of Mikołaj Kopernik – project of Bertel Thorvaldsen – placed in front of Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

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